Snippets #3

Welcome to the 3rd in my series of “snippets” blog posts. See here for previous ones.

Is This Ethical?

Is it ethical for a company to buy ads to deny climate change? Exxon thinks so and Google is gladly taking their money. It’s easy for me to boycott Exxon about this because I don’t buy their gas but Google is a little more difficult to boycott, as I’m totally reliant on their online ecosystem.

OTIP Teaching Awards 2020: Nominations are open

Please consider nominating a teacher! See for details.

Trump Properties

If I were a careful traveller, I’d be sure to not stay at any property owned by Donald Trump.

If You’re an Avro Arrow Fan…

An ex-employee of Avro committed some IP-theft when Avro was ordered to destroy any blueprints of the Arrow. I’m glad he did, since the blueprints are now available for all to see.

Finally, a YouTube Original Series I’d Like to Watch

Buy Your Next Electric Car From…..Sony?

It kind of makes sense, since electric cars are really about the sensors and the electronics, which Sony has been doing longer than the car manufacturers. Check out the article about it here.


I’m going to be a granddad!


Canada’s education system is pretty good compared to the rest of the word, regardless of what Doug Ford wants us to think.2018 PISA Results

Who understands this?

End of 2019

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OTIP Teaching Awards 2020: Nominations are open

OTIP Teaching AwardsFor many years, these awards have recognized the excellence of our teachers in publicly funded education. There are three categories of awards: elementary school teacher, secondary school teacher and beginning teacher in the first five years of teaching. A teacher may be nominated by anyone – professional colleagues, students, parents, or the general public.

Nominations are now open for the 2020 awards. The deadline for receipt of nominations is March 31, 2020. Further information is provided on the attached PDF and is also available at If you have any questions, please contact Jason Healey at OTF:

It would be appreciated if you would highlight and promote these awards within your organization. We are proud of the excellence of teachers throughout the province. These awards allow us to recognize and celebrate outstanding contributions that our members make to their students’ education, to their schools, and within their communities.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in promoting the OTIP Teaching Awards program!