PSTAR Test Prep: Collision Avoidance (draft)

Test Prep Summary

  • The pilot-in-command has an obligation to avoid collisions. [¶ 1(a)]
  • You must give way to other aircraft in an emergency situation. This trumps all other rules. [¶ 1(b)]
  • If converging at the same altitude, give way to the aircraft on the right. [¶ 2]
    • Exceptions:
      • a power-driven, heavier-than-air aircraft shall give way to airships, gliders and balloons; [¶ 2(a)]
      • an airship shall give way to gliders and balloons; [¶ 2(b)]
      • a glider shall give way to balloons; [¶ 2(c)] and
      • a power-driven aircraft shall give way to aircraft that are seen to be towing gliders or other objects or carrying a slung load. [¶ 2(d)]
  • If two balloons are converging, the one at the lower altitude has priority. [¶ 3]
  • When giving way to another aircraft, do not pass over, under, or ahead of the other aircraft unless the distance will not create a risk of collision. [¶ 4]
  • If approaching head-on, each pilot alters the heading to the right. [¶ 5]

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