TC’s Weather to Fly Videos

These videos are from Transport Canada’s “Weather to Fly” series, found publicly on YouTube. Note that they should not be used instead of formal training, just as a supplement to the instruction received in class.

Weather To Fly (Intro Video)

Weather awareness as part of the flying environment.

Avoiding The Trap

Basic message: Use alternative plan early.

Wind Speed and Direction

Judging Ceilings, Fog &Visibility

Over The Top

Discussion on VFR “Over-the-top”.

Pilot Reports (PIREP’S)

Destination Awareness

Planning and Avoidance.


Auto Reports. Discussion on AWOS.

Understand TAFS.

Understand METARS

Rain on the Windshield

Knowing the effects.

Air Pressure and Altimeters


Down Drafts, Microbursts and Windshear

Mountain Flying

Preparing and in-flight.

Performance Related to Density Altitude

Carburetor Icing

Discussion on phenomenon and how to avoid it.

Spring and Summer Runways

Frost and Flight

Airframe Ice Avoidance

Dressed For Survival

Importance of proper clothing.

Fall and Winter Runways

Winter Tips

Preparing for flight.

Winter Maintenance Tips


Discussion on whiteout conditions.


Discussion on how to avoid, recognize.


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