Installing and Running Anaconda on Linux

Are you a Python user interested in installing Anaconda on Linux? I’ve chosen to install Anaconda as my base Python installation because it integrates the Jupyter environment so nicely.

The first step is to download the installer from I chose to install the Python 3 version as I have no need to work on Python 2 projects.

Once the installer is downloaded, open a terminal  and run the following command:

bash ~/Downloads/

…replacing the filename with the specific filename you download.

You will be prompted to agree to the license. Note that you can hit <space> to fast forward through the license.

You will also be prompted for the installation location. Unless you have a need to install it somewhere specific, just accept the default location.

When you are  prompted with…

Do you wish the installer to initialize Anaconda3 by running conda init?

…answer “yes”.

Once the installation is complete you may notice that nothing was installed in your start menu. To run the GUI, simply type…


…in a terminal window. Note that the terminal will not be usable while the Navigator is open.

Please consider leaving me a comment  if you found this guide useful or if there are any mistakes. Thanks!