Day 4 Learning Summary for #100DaysOfCode


I want to continue list comprehension exercises. My goal is to learn enough about list comprehension to efficiently finish the coding for day 2.

I also got interested yesterday in someone’s biography which made me want to learn how to do that.

My Approach

List Comprehension

To find more resources with exercises and to come up with exercises on my own. I will expand on the existing Python notebook I created in day 3.

Google might be a good start:

GitHub Pages

To find (and follow) a resource related to creating pages on (AKA GitHub pages) and adapt my existing bio to it.


List Comprehension

This discussion on Reddit had quite a few challenges that I was able to incorporate into my notebook.

GitHub Pages

I successfully followed the directions here to create my new bio page at

What I Learned

List Comprehension

I am learning to get the hang of list comprehension. You just have to remember the basic format, which is:

s = data_to_manipulate
[c for c in s if c equals or doesn't equal something]

View my updated Jupyter notebook of exercises here.

GitHub Pages

I learned that if you create a GitHub repository named and put your content in the main file that it becomes the website at that URL.

See mine here!

Other Learning

I learned that Markdown doesn’t like anything other than alphanumeric characters and hyphens in the headers if you want to create a table of contents. All of these were a no-go: , | & ' "

You can see this project on GitHub here.


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