Day 5 Learning Summary for #100DaysOfCode

Goals for Today

I still want to do more list comprehension exercises. Hopefully I can find some that are more advanced. Google is my friend, hopefully.

I want to figure out how to get VS Code to auto-format my Python code.

What I Learned

Blog CSS

I got a little distracted today playing with the CSS on my blog. Headers had too much spacing around them. With some research, I added this CSS to the appearance section of my WordPress blog:


Summary: My CSS knowledge is very limited. Fortunately there are lots of great resources available to help when needed.

Auto-formatting Python in VS Code

This wasn’t on my goal list for today but it was frustrating me that I couldn’t auto-format my Python code like could in PyCharm.

The solution was found here.

These are the settings I changed to get VS Code to auto-format my Python code:

"editor.formatOnSave": true`
"python.formatting.provider": "autopep8"

Summary: I continue to be impressed with VS Code, particularly all the options available in it.

List Comprehension

I came across this great animation that is perfect for demonstrating how list comprehensions are assembled:


This site helped me tremendously with flattening and recreating matrices:

This site helped me add the individual elements of each list:

With these resources I was able to make great progress on my Day 2 challenge but it’s not quite finished yet. It will add matrices with sub-lists of len=2 but not others. I’ll work on that next day…

View my updated Jupyter notebook of exercises here. See the Resource 2 section for the code applicable to what I did today.

View my Python code for the Day 2 challenge here in the Day 2 folder. Remember, as of today, it’s incomplete.

You can see this project on GitHub here.


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