Steamworks Goes SOLO With Vancouver Built EV From Electra Meccanica

Steamworks Solo

“Drink Different” has been the motto at Steamworks Brewing Company, and now “Drive Different” is equally true, with the addition of two new “steam machines” to their driving fleet. The new steam machines are actually fully electric SOLO EVs, manufactured by Electra Meccanica in Vancouver.

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The Small Electric Car Maker that Could Challenge Tesla

“Electra Meccanica burst onto the EV scene recently. Based in Vancouver, the company is devoted to developing fully electric cars, with multiple styles. The company didn’t have any sales of its electric cars as of March 2019, primarily because it only came to existence in 2015 and then went public in 2017.”

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Homegrown EV maker coming off a big year

Of all the automakers displaying their wares at this year’s show, a strong case can be made that not one has had the kind of year Meccanica has just experienced. And we mean that in a good way.

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