Tranquil Day at the Lake: Exploring Nature’s Serenity

The black-and-white image depicts a serene lakeside scene with a backdrop of rocky hills and dense pine trees. In the foreground, a man, a woman, and a dog are sitting on a paddle board, paddling on the calm lake. Other small boats and people can be seen scattered across the lake and along the shoreline. The sky is filled with fluffy clouds, casting soft shadows over the landscape. The overall atmosphere is peaceful and leisurely, suggesting a day of outdoor recreation and enjoyment. (Image description courtesy of “Peter’s Alt-text Creator” Custom GPT.)

Shot on a Nikon Zf with a Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/4 S lens, f/5, 1/1250s, ISO 125.

Halls Harbour, Nova Scotia #1

Low tide and a dreary day at Hall's Harbour, Nova Scotia, with the boats on the ground.

Shot on a Google Pixel 6 Pro and post-processed in OnOne Photo Raw 2023 (exposure, sun flare) and Aurora HDR (Cool Landscape filter).

I also processed it like the one below. Which one do you like better?

Same picture as above, but made to look old-fashioned.

Man with Sticks on his Back

The original of this photo had a lot more detail, but I liked the way it looked when I applied a “toy camera” effect to it and converted it to this shade of black and white.

Shot on a Nikon J2 back in 2014 with a 10-33 mm lens, f5.3 @ 1/400 @ ISO 100.

Guiding the Cows Home

Revisiting an old photo from 2014. Shot on a Nikon J2 with Nikkor 10-33 mm lens, f5/6 @ 1/100 @ ISO 400 through the back window of the car I was riding in.

I’m not sure where the cows were or if the boy regularly takes the cows for a walk so they can eat elsewhere, but it was quite a unique photo opportunity!

It wasn’t a very clear picture which is partly why I processed it in this fashion, but I felt the black and white processing gives it a more nostalgic, timeless look.