Guiding the Cows Home

Revisiting an old photo from 2014. Shot on a Nikon J2 with Nikkor 10-33 mm lens, f5/6 @ 1/100 @ ISO 400 through the back window of the car I was riding in.

I’m not sure where the cows were or if the boy regularly takes the cows for a walk so they can eat elsewhere, but it was quite a unique photo opportunity!

It wasn’t a very clear picture which is partly why I processed it in this fashion, but I felt the black and white processing gives it a more nostalgic, timeless look.

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2021

I always have the annual Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day marked in my calendar, but sadly often miss it due to extenuating circumstances.

But not this year…

I started my journey in Port Robinson where I saw this abandoned bridge. I had the camera, a Nikon D750, mounted on a monopod which helped stabilize the 1.5 second exposure. I submitted this image to the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day exhibit, even though I took some others that I also liked.

Bridge Closed (Pinhole)


Moving to a path in the woods next to the bridge, I then took this abstract image of some small trees and bushes. It didn’t start out to be abstract, but a gust of wind hit me just as I was taking the 2 second exposure which resulted in the motion blur. Normally I would have deleted the image but in this case it worked!

Abstract Trees & Bushes (Pinhole)


Next I set out along some back roads looking for suitable scenes. This one suited me fine:

Old Fashioned Tree (Pinhole)


As well as this one:

Train Tracks (Pinhole)


Overall, I think it was a successful day. In past years I’ve gone out and maybe only had one photo I was willing to share. It’s a very hit-and-miss process because you really don’t know how they will look until you get back to your computer to look at them enlarged.

In my case though, the process is much easier than many other photographers because I’m using a digital camera with a pinhole adapter. Many other photographers use homemade cameras with film that of course makes the process much more complicated.

Here is the pinhole adapter that I used. As you can see, the adapter replaces the lens so the pictures are taken without a lens!

Pinhole Adapter on Nikon D750


If you’d like to see other photos that were submitted by Canadian photographers, visit here.

Man Smoking

Man Smoking, HDR

This photo of this man smoking was taken in Barcelona, Spain, in July, 2008. Shot using a Nikon D200 with a Nikon 18-200 mm lens (1/60 @ f7.1), processed using Aurora HDR (using five images spanning +/- 2 EV), and straightened in Lightroom.

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Railroad Bridge, Sackville, NB

Railroad Bridge, Sackville, NB

This photo of this railroad bridge was taken in Sackville, NB in August, 2011. Shot using a Nikon D7000 with a Nikon 18-200 mm lens (1/125 @ f4.5) and processed using Aurora HDR (using a single RAW image) and Luminar 4.

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Hanging By a Thread

I debated rotating the image 90° CCW and photoshopping out the thread but it didn’t look natural with the way the caterpillar was curled.

If you look closely, the caterpillar is only touching the wall at the rear of its abdomen, or more technically, its anal prolegs. Other than that, it’s relying on the single thread to keep it from falling down. 

Nature can be so cool! 

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Cuba, January 2020

Going to Cuba is always like taking a step back in time. With that in mind, I wanted to create pictures that looked old, and what better way than by making them black and white?

Since I only brought along a tablet on this trip, I used Snapseed to process the pictures. If you don’t have Snapseed installed on your phone or tablet, you really should. In my opinion it’s the best mobile photo editor available, on both iOS and Android.

Port Dover, March 2020

It’s never warm taking the motorcycle to a Friday the 13th event in Port Dover during the winter. With that in mind, I wanted to take a picture to make things look cold, which I think I managed to do here.

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Old Garage in Caledonia

Got out for an extended motorcycle trip on Tuesday and came across this old garage. As I was taking pictures, the lady in the house next door angrily walked over asking what I wanted. It turned out she thought I was a town inspector writing her up for an unsafe building on her property, but I reassured her that I thought the building was fantastic. We ended up having quite a nice talk.

43°07’29.3″N 80°01’12.2″W 

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