Toronto’s Lane Filtering Proposal: Where Do We Stand?

A dynamic daytime traffic scene on a multi-lane highway, viewed from behind a motorcyclist engaged in lane splitting. The motorcyclist, in clear focus, wears a black helmet, black jacket, white gloves, and light-colored pants, navigating skillfully between lanes. Surrounding vehicles include a mix of cars and a pickup truck, with urban buildings and a clear blue sky in the background, capturing the essence of rush-hour congestion.

In 2018, Toronto toyed with a concept that sparked interest among motorcyclists and raised eyebrows among the city’s drivers: lane filtering. This maneuver, which allows motorcyclists to weave between lanes of stopped or slow-moving traffic, promised a smoother ride for two-wheelers and posed questions about road safety and traffic flow. Fast forward to today, and many are left wondering, what ever happened to that proposal? Let’s revisit the facts and ponder the current state of lane filtering in Toronto.

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