My Custom GPTs

This is a highly detailed and stylized digital artwork featuring a workspace scene. The scene is dominated by a central, large monitor displaying a complex and intricate design, which includes various gears, circuits, and a prominent letter 'A' in a futuristic style. Surrounding the monitor are floating objects that seem to defy gravity, including a light bulb emitting a soft glow, sheets of paper, electronic components, and household objects like a magnifying glass and a pair of glasses. The desk below is cluttered with an open book directly in front of the screen, a wizard's hat with stars and a moon pattern to the left, and stacks of hardcover books to the right. Various items like pencils, a notebook, a coffee cup, and other office supplies are scattered across the desk. The background features a bookshelf filled with books and a wall-mounted clock, adding to the ambiance of an intellectual and creative space. The lighting is warm and comes from the left, casting soft shadows and giving depth to the objects. The overall impression is one of magical innovation and intellectual pursuit, as if the space belongs to a wizard in the modern age of technology.

For those of you with a ChatGPT Plus account, here are the public custom GPTs I have created. Some were created primarily for my own personal productivity, while others were designed to benefit educators.

Please let me know if you find any of them useful. I would appreciate any feedback on these, both positive and constructive.

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