OTF Rejects Request from Ontario to Let Retired Teachers Work More

Key Takeaway

Ontario’s teachers unions have rejected a request from the Ministry of Education to extend the working period for retired teachers, emphasizing the need for the government to address staffing shortages more effectively.

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Tech Ed Courses Offered Summer 2023

Institution: Brock
When: Late Summer 2023
Course: Construction Technology: Grades 9 & 10
Event URL: https://www.otffeo.on.ca/en/learning/pd-calendar/events/construction-technology-grades-9-10-abq-brock-late-summer-online/

Institution: ETFO
When: Summer 2023
Course: Science and Technology, Grades 7 and 8
Event URL: https://www.otffeo.on.ca/en/learning/pd-calendar/events/science-and-technology-grades-7-and-8-etfo-summer-online/

Institution: ETFO
When: Summer 2023
Course: Science and Technology, Primary and Junior, Part 1
Event URL: https://www.otffeo.on.ca/en/learning/pd-calendar/events/science-and-technology-primary-and-junior-part-1-etfo-summer-online/

Institution: OISE
When: Summer 2023
Course: Technological Education Honour Specialist
Event URL: https://www.otffeo.on.ca/en/learning/pd-calendar/events/technological-education-honour-specialist-aq-oise-summer-online/

Institution: Queen’s
When: Summer 2023
Course: Communications Technology Grades 11/12
Event URL: https://www.otffeo.on.ca/en/learning/pd-calendar/events/communications-technology-grades-1112-abq-queens-summer-online/

Institution: Queen’s
When: Summer 2023
Course: Communications Technology Grades 9/10
Event URL: https://www.otffeo.on.ca/en/learning/pd-calendar/events/communications-technology-grades-910-abq-queens-summer-online/

Institution: Queen’s
When: Summer 2023
Course: Computer Technology Grades 9/10
Event URL: https://www.otffeo.on.ca/en/learning/pd-calendar/events/computer-technology-grades-910-abq-queens-summer-online/

Institution: Queen’s
When: Summer 2023
Course: Green Industries Grades 9/10
Event URL: https://www.otffeo.on.ca/en/learning/pd-calendar/events/green-industries-grades-910-abq-queens-summer-online/

Institution: Queen’s
When: Summer 2023
Course: Green Industries, Grades 11 & 12
Event URL: https://www.otffeo.on.ca/en/learning/pd-calendar/events/green-industries-grades-11-and-12-abq-queens-summer-online/

Institution: Queen’s
When: Summer 2023
Course: Honour Specialist Technological Education
Event URL: https://www.otffeo.on.ca/en/learning/pd-calendar/events/honour-specialist-technological-education-aq-queens-summer-online/

Institution: Queen’s
When: Summer 2023
Course: Technological Design Grades 11/12
Event URL: https://www.otffeo.on.ca/en/learning/pd-calendar/events/technological-design-grades-1112-abq-queens-summer-online/

Institution: Queen’s
When: Summer 2023
Course: Technological Design Grades 9/10
Event URL: https://www.otffeo.on.ca/en/learning/pd-calendar/events/technological-design-grades-910-abq-queens-summer-online/

Institution: Windsor
When: Summer 2023
Course: ABQ Technological Design, Grades 11 and 12
Event URL: https://www.otffeo.on.ca/en/learning/pd-calendar/events/abq-technological-design-grades-11-and-12-windsor-summer-online/

Institution: Windsor
When: Summer 2023
Course: ABQ Technological Design, Grades 9 and 10
Event URL: https://www.otffeo.on.ca/en/learning/pd-calendar/events/abq-technological-design-grades-9-and-10-windsor-summer-online/

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Your Moment: Getting You Ready for Retirement (OTPP Retirement Planning Webinars)

Join the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP) for a virtual presentation to learn about one of your most important financial assets: your pension.

You have been contributing to your pension throughout your career. Now that you’re thinking about retiring, find out how this asset fits into your financial picture.

This interactive and informative presentation will provide you with everything you need to know about preparing for retirement, and what to expect throughout the retirement application process.

You have 10 dates to choose from. Each presentation will be the same, so please choose a date below and click on it to register. Each session is about 1.5 hours with a Q&A session. Two days before the date you selected, you will receive another email with information on how to join the virtual presentation.




Source: OTF Mail List


OTIP Teaching Awards 2020: Nominations are open

OTIP Teaching AwardsFor many years, these awards have recognized the excellence of our teachers in publicly funded education. There are three categories of awards: elementary school teacher, secondary school teacher and beginning teacher in the first five years of teaching. A teacher may be nominated by anyone – professional colleagues, students, parents, or the general public.

Nominations are now open for the 2020 awards. The deadline for receipt of nominations is March 31, 2020. Further information is provided on the attached PDF and is also available at www.teachingawards.ca. If you have any questions, please contact Jason Healey at OTF: Jason.healey@otffeo.on.ca.

It would be appreciated if you would highlight and promote these awards within your organization. We are proud of the excellence of teachers throughout the province. These awards allow us to recognize and celebrate outstanding contributions that our members make to their students’ education, to their schools, and within their communities.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in promoting the OTIP Teaching Awards program!


Snippets #2

Welcome to the 2nd in my series of “snippets” blog posts. See here for my first.

Snowbirds Photos

See my blog post.


The Kiss

I never post anything online about Trump, but in this case I’m making an exception.

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, well this picture got way more than 1000 words of coverage.

The picture was so popular it even got its own hashtag.

2019-08-27 G7 Kiss

CUPE Strike?

Things are heating up in education in Ontario, not for the good. 93% of CUPE employees have given the authorization to strike. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

ECOO’s Annual BIT Conference – Early Bird Special

Are you attending the annual BIT conference? Register before October 1 to advantage of the early bird special. Details here.

I’ll be presenting on a project I’m pursuing called #100DaysOfCode. Please consider attending!

WordCamp Niagara

…is looking for volunteers. Local teachers may wish to ask their videography students to consider volunteering as this would count towards their 40 hour volunteer time requirement for their OSSD.

I hope to see you there!

The 500 Rule

Did you know there is a “500 rule” in photography? Read about it here.

OTF PD Calendar

Check out the OTF PD Calendar to find any AQ or ABQ courses you might want to take.

Thank you, Doug!

It was nice to get featured in @dougpete’s weekly profile of Ontario educators. Thank you, Doug!