Using Python To Quickly Open Multiple Websites In Your Browser

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I had a problem where I was opening about a dozen bookmarks at the same time in Brave, and in doing so, it was giving me a “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable” error.

To fix this, I turned to Copilot Pro with this prompt:

Write a Python program that opens in my web browser (using Django?) that has a list of URLs that it opens in new tabs with a pause of 0.5 seconds between them. For the initial URLs, use Google and Microsoft.

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How to Save Python Files in the Same Directory in VS Code (Update)

In a recent post I gave a programmatic solution to how to get Python to write files in the same folder as the Python file itself when working in VS Code. By default, Python programs in VS Code write files in the root folder of the project, not in the folder where the Python file is saved.

My solution involved the use of a built-in variable named “__file__“, which together with some fancy path concatenation, achieved what I was hoping for.

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How to Save Python Files in the Same Directory in VS Code


Have you ever been frustrated because your Python programs in VS Code always save in the root folder of your GitHub project, even if the program is in a subfolder? You’re not alone. I’ve encountered this problem too, and I couldn’t find a solution within VS Code’s settings.


The solution is within Python itself.

Python has a built-in variable called __file__ that refers to the path of the current Python file. By using this with os.path.join(), you can ensure that your file will be saved in the same directory as your program, not in the root folder.

The os.path.join() function in Python is a smart way to stick together pieces of a file path. It knows how to correctly use the right kind of slash (/ or \) depending on your computer’s operating system. So, if you have a folder named “folder” and a file named “file.txt”, os.path.join("folder", "file.txt") will give you the correct full path: “folder/file.txt”. It’s a handy tool for dealing with file paths in Python.

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The Donkey and the Tiger

The image is a colorful, detailed illustration depicting a whimsical scene. A donkey, anthropomorphized and dressed in green traditional Indian attire, appears to be in an intense conversation with a lion, who is roaring back. A tiger, wearing a turban and blue attire, sits nearby, observing the exchange. The setting is outdoors, with lush green grass and a green curtain hanging from above. In the background, there’s a silhouette of an elaborate building structure resembling Indian architecture. The sky is bright with scattered clouds, suggesting it’s either dawn or dusk.

I’m not sure what the original source is of fable this, but in light of the political bickering that seems to be pervasive nowadays, I thought it was worth sharing here. Thanks to my friend Doug for making me aware of it on Facebook, and thanks of course to the original author.!

The donkey told the tiger, “The grass is blue.”

The tiger replied, “No, the grass is green .”

The discussion became heated, and the two decided to submit the issue to arbitration, so they approached the lion.

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