Please Help Me with the Collaborative AQ Providers Resource for Ontario Teachers!

Ontario has a large number of really great AQ providers, but sometimes it’s difficult finding information from them such as registration deadlines, who to contact, etc.

GitHub LogoTo help with this, I’ve created a resource which can be accessed and edited by anyone, provided you have a login account. I’ve decided to put this resource on GitHub, which is an excellent (and free) website for sharing resources and collaboration that I’m trying to teach other educators  about.

To access this document, simply follow this link or look for the repository (named Ontario-AQ-Providers) in my list of repositories.

To edit the document, you’ll have to create an account on GitHub. Don’t worry, you won’t get any spam from them (or Microsoft, the owner). You’ll see that the document is created in “Markdown”, which will likely throw many users off as it’s not the traditional WYSIWYG format the most of us are used to. Regardless, anyone editing the document will only be, at most, copying and pasting the template and then filling in the required information, which should be quite intuitive, I believe. Certainly, if anyone has questions please reach out to me and I can provide assistance via email or perhaps a video conference.

Edit Ontario AQ Providers Document

What I’m hoping for at this stage is to have other educators review the template section I have at the top of the document to make sure I’ve considered all the information fields that would important to others.

Here’s what I have so far:

AQ Providers Template

Am I missing anything you would like to have included? If you want to provide feedback, you have a number of options:

  1. You could comment at the bottom of this blog,
  2. You could email me, or
  3. You could do it the “GitHub way” and comment in the Issues section! (preferred)

GitHub Issue Example

I’m starting to use GitHub for a lot of my projects. In fact, it’s the main way I am sharing my successes on a #100DaysOfCode project I’m working on which I will be speaking about at next month’s #BIT19 conference.

I hope others will find this to be a useful resource. Once it’s complete I’ll be sharing it again via Twitter regularly.

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