Oh No! The Death of Waze

Waze iconI’ve been a long-time user of Waze, especially since the GPSes I own don’t have traffic subscriptions. I am fortunate to have a cellular plan with a generous data allowance, meaning I can use Waze often without being concerned that I will exceed my data cap. Heck, I would even use Waze to get to and from work, a route my car could probably do with me blindfolded. But it was a route that often had accidents, and Waze would change the route to get me work or to home as quickly as possible.

So it was with interest that I read the article “Did Google Just Deliver A Death Blow To Waze?” this morning.

I suppose it was inevitable. Google has a habit of killing off many of its great products. There’s even a website dedicated to it.

Am I going to get upset about this? Not likely, since Google Maps now incorporates many of the features Waze does, including speed limit notifications and accident and police reporting.

My only request is that Google Maps incorporate an audio-only mode optimized for not having your screen on. Yes, it gives you audio alerts now, but the audio is not always timely, especially when there are multiple turns right after each other. Try it. Use Google Maps in your car without the screen on. You’ll see what I mean.

Why do I want an audio-only mode? For one, we don’t need a screen on in our vehicle. It’s a distraction, and the cost is people’s lives when we have accidents. And two, I’m a motorcyclist. I’d love to have my phone in my pocket and have it read me accurate and timely directions.

Waze Screenshot

What’s your opinion of Waze being phased out? Will it affect you at all? Are there any features in Waze that you’ll miss?

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