Snippets #1

Welcome to the first of hopefully a series of “snippets” blog posts. I have to admit I’m poaching the idea from @dougpete with his “My Week Ending” series [example]. My life seems to be too hectic to publish “real” posts so let’s see if this works as an alternative.

Capital One Data Breach

This week we saw a major data breach that exposed millions of Canadian’s banking, credit card, and possibly social insurance numbers. I tweeted a series of posts under the #CyberSecurity hashtag.

Solo EV

Many of you already know I’ve ordered a Solo electric vehicle. I’m just waiting for it to be certified in Canada before I take delivery.

I tweeted here about my blog post related to the sale of the Solo to Steamworks in Vancouver.

Distraction Theft

The Niagara Regional Police warned us about some kind-hearted strangers who approach you to return a bill you dropped but then discreetly rob you of your credit cards! [tweet]

OCR’ing Text

OCR = Optical Character Recognition, a fancy term for converting a picture of text to editable text.

I didn’t know you could use Google Docs for this. [tweet]


Apparently some school boards block access to the Downloads folder which might cause a problem when downloading your Micro:bit program to your computer. Look for the solution here.

The Handwriting Debate

…won’t go away.


…is an initiative I’ve committed to participate in and to present at the #BIT19 conference in November. I’m just in the process of setting things up for it but you’ll be able to follow along here once I get rolling.

Questions or Comments?

Any comments or questions? Please respond below or in response to any of the linked tweets!

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  1. It’s like looking in a mirror! This is a great way, I think, to share your learning if you’re not up for a big long blog post. A lot of the time, I’ll read an article that I want to work my way through and so that does go into a post. Good luck with it.

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