Shout Out to OneUp Twitter App

Do you ever have the need to schedule a threaded tweet? 

It’s something you can’t do on Twitter, so I was relieved to find this temporary offer from OneUp for a free, lifetime account to their service which allows me to do exactly that.

The only real restriction I can see is that this free license can only be used for one social media account. If you get a paid subscription, you can have up to 3, 10, or 30 accounts, depending on how much you pay (see below).

To see if they still offer the free accounts, look for “How to schedule Twitter threads for free” on the following page:

How to schedule Twitter threads for free (AKA tweetstorms)

For me personally, OneUp is usually overkill, but it does give me the ability to schedule longer, threaded tweets at times that I think my audience might be online and checking in. 

Here’s what the Calendar view of my scheduled tweets looks like. 

OneUp Calendar View

…and here’s what the Normal view looks like:

OneUp Normal View

Here is the pricing, if you are interested. Honestly I can’t see most regular Twitter users subscribing to a service like this, but for professionals who use Twitter to market their products or services, it’s probably worth it. 

OneUp Pricing

To check it out for yourself, visit

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