Ten Things I Learned – December 5, 2023 Update

April Wine

I was sad to hear of Myles Goodwyn‘s death. Myles was the lead singer of April Wine, a Canadian band that had quite an influence on my musical tastes.


Want to your open WordPress links in a new tab as the default? “External Links in New Window / New Tab” is your solution.

Speed Test

Google has a speed test webpage. (I’ve added it to my Google A-Z page.)

Programming | Data Analysis | VS Code

Need some open data sources to write your data analysis program? Here are some:
Open Government (Canada) | Data.gov (USA) | Google Dataset Search | Canadian Population estimates, quarterly | Canadian Life Expectancy

VS Code, my programming editor of choice lately, is open source. You can contribute to it here.

Did you know there’s a difference between graphs and charts?


A friend asked me about Learning Maps. Here are some sites I bookmarked for him.


Here‘s how a History professor uses AI in class.


I had my car in for a recall and then Hyundai, as part of their “courtesy” inspection, discovered that I need to replace a steering coupler. Since they wanted to charge me over $400 I elected to do some research first. Apparently if the part gets worn you develop a clicking sound when you steer the car, and I do not have this clicking sound! Apparently the part only costs $10 part and I can replace it myself.

Using VCam with Camtasia has always been problematic for me. I finally found a solution!

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